Upward Frog Community Interest Company

Yoga Nidra (Zoom)
with Anne Brown


July 18 (Thursday)
at 8:00 pm

Class length
60 minutes


Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep”. It is a deep relaxation technique. Benefits can include: reduced levels of stress and anxiety, allowing the body to rest and heal by reducing pain and inflammation. It can also help with PMS, reduce insomnia and improve mental clarity

During this one-hour class, you will be led through a short and gentle breath and movement practice, followed by a 30 to 40 minute Yoga Nidra. 

The class moves at a very slow pace.

Who’s this class for?

Yoga Nidra will appeal to those who want to relax, let go and to connect with themselves - perhaps even gaining insight and increased awareness along the way.

How accessible is this class?

You do not need to be able to get up and down from the floor for this class and it is suitable for those with physical challenges and limitations. This class may be practiced in a chair, on a sofa, a bed or a yoga mat.

Whilst care will be taken to help students relax and feel safe during the practice, you may wish to exercise caution if you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or severe depression or anxiety.

We can accommodate a wide range of physical health conditions in this class, please feel free to contact us to discuss.


Sorry - that class has already taken place!