Upward Frog Community Interest Company

Vinyasa Yoga (Studio)
with Erin Deplitch

July 17 (Wednesday)
at 6:30 pm

Class length
60 minutes



Vinyasa yoga is a flowing style of yoga where postures are inked together through breath-led movement. It can be a slow or dynamic pace and the connection of movement and breath helps to balance mind and body.

Each vinyasa class is different and will reflect the experiences and style of your teacher. You can expect a mixture of foundational and more challenging poses within the flowing transitions.

This class is for anyone with some experience of yoga, such as taking our Beginners or Beyond Beginners courses or classes, or if you've previously practiced vinyasa yoga elsewhere.  Ideally, you’ll need to some experience of Sun Salutations and foundational yoga postures to get the most from this class.

In this class you work at a more intense pace than the Beyond Beginners class.

You can use your membership, class pass or pay-as-you-go to attend Vinyasa Yoga.

Who’s this class for?

The class will appeal to anyone who enjoys a flowing class with elements of challenge. 

This class is not intended for complete beginners.

How accessible is this class?

You will need to be able to get up and down from the mat multiple times during this class. 

There will be wrist and knee pressure, during sun salutations, flowing transitions and individual poses, but you can use blankets or double mats to cushion your joints or your teacher can offer an alternative.  An understanding of foundational yoga postures is needed for the class.

We can accommodate most long-term health conditions in this class, please feel free to contact us to discuss.


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